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Inclusive Citation Practices

Location: online

Faculty: Andrea Baer, Public Services Librarian

Learning objectives:

  • Reflect on the value of seeking a diversity of perspectives and voices when researching a topic, as well as barriers to locating a diversity of voices and perspectives in scholarly conversations. 
  • Identify ways that citations influence conversations about a given topic, including what perspectives and voices are included or excluded.
  • Identify and apply strategies for diversifying the perspectives and voices reflected in your citations.

Research and scholarship are sometimes described as conversations: people with varying kinds of knowledge and expertise on a topic and different perspectives on it ideally come together to share and further strengthen their individual and shared understandings. But having open and inclusive conversations is often tricky. Who is present in the conversation, who is absent, and how are people’s voices heard, muted, or amplified? How do people enter into the conversation, and what barriers stand in the way?

These questions point to the reality that scholarly conversations, like all conversations, are greatly influenced by the social structures and systems in which individuals and groups exist and interact, and which often advantage some while disadvantaging others. Inclusive citation practices, through which individuals seek out and engage with sources that reflect a diversity of voices and perspectives on a topic, can help to create more inclusive academic research and conversations. Participants in this workshop will explore the value of inclusive citation, as well as develop practical skills for inclusive citation.

Skill levels for attendees: Little to no experience, Some experience

Software requirements: None

Event Details:

Friday, March 3, 2023
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Andrea Baer
Online via WebEx
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